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I’m Anthony Day and I produce the Sustainable Futures Report, a weekly podcast and blog.

I bring you a selection of stories and interviews aiming to be sustainable, topical and interesting.
I take a global perspective. If you look at my extensive archive of reports you’ll see that I have covered climate change in the Arctic, energy issues like the Keystone pipeline in the United States and tar sands in Canada, and global warming with wildfires across the world and coral bleaching in Australia.
I’ve looked at waste and the pollution of the oceans. I’ve covered the circular economy and recycling and I’ve reported on renewable energy including wind, solar and tidal power.

I present the Sustainable Futures Report because I believe we have a crisis.

I’m not talking about saving the planet. That will be here long after we’ve gone. While we’re here we need to keep the planet a comfortable place to live.

We need to ensure there’s enough food, water and shelter for all, but of course, in the rich West, we expect much, much more than that. And more and more people in other nations seek a western lifestyle.

My purpose in presenting the podcast is to keep people focused and informed about the challenge that faces us. Only governments can take the action we need, and governments can be influenced by public opinion.

I believe that technology can help us maintain our standard of living without threatening our existence as a species, but technology is certainly no silver bullet or a get-out-of-jail-free card. I report on new and promising technologies from batteries to fusion reactors, from bioplastics to electric aeroplanes and many other ideas from all over the world.

Because we have left it so long before taking action - and there were warnings about the climate crisis back in the 1980s - we’ve lost our chance of a smooth transition. It will be rough, particularly in developing countries, but we have the capability to match the challenge. The key question is whether we and our governments have the will to accept short-term pain to assure long-term survival.


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But this is The Sustainable Futures Report

So there’s emphasis on the future as well. I’m trying to keep in touch with everything that is going to make our world a different and hopefully better place. Like robots, eco-houses, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and GM foods. Like electric aeroplanes, fuel cells, smart cities and clean air.

From here you can listen to all previous 200 or so episodes and there’s a new one each week. If you prefer to read, you’ll find the text on the blog below. That’s where you’ll find the links to the sources of my stories and links to websites you should see.

The Sustainable Futures Report is free to all – without advertising, subsidy or sponsorship.

But if you’d like to support me by becoming a patron – from as little as $1/ month – just hop across to patreon.com/sfr and find out more.

And finally,

I do address conferences – or I did until the world went into lockdown. I can still reach you online of course, so if you’d like a tailored presentation tracking a sustainable future for your organisation just contact me.

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About Anthony Day

A weekly podcast and blog brought to you by Anthony Day. A selection of stories and interviews aiming to be sustainable, topical and interesting.
And also, I do address conferences.

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