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A statue of Queen Elizabeth II was installed last month at York Minster with unveiling originally scheduled for next week.

It was only a few weeks ago, on 10th June, that I published an episode entitled “God Save the Queen”.

Here we are already mourning her loss and welcoming the new King Charles. So much has been said, written and broadcast about the Queen that there's nothing I can add about her here.

We are at the end of an era and not only at the start of the new king’s reign, but simultaneously at the outset of a new prime minister and a new government. It was clearly premature to entitle last week’s episode “The Way Ahead”. 

The way ahead is far from clear. I'm using this week to meditate on events. There will be a full episode of the Sustainable Futures Report on Wednesday 21st September.

I’m Anthony Day.

God Save the King!

And as far as the PM is concerned, the jury’s still out.





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