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A conversation with Jenny Bailey, children’s author, about making people aware of their environment from an early age. You’ve heard of Black Friday, but did you know it’s Green Jumper Day as well? We’ll be talking about that too.

Hello. I'm Anthony Day and welcome to this week’s Wednesday Interview from the Sustainable Futures Report. It's Wednesday 24th November.


Well it's over. Where are we now, now that all the delegates have gone home from Glasgow and COP26 is finished? For the last two or three weeks I have felt as though all the topics covered in my 360 odd podcast episodes have been thrown at me all at once. Now that the big United Nations climate conference is over I still feel overwhelmed.


 Welcome to the Wednesday interview from the Sustainable Futures Report. Today I’m talking to Mattias Axelson of the Stockholm School of Economics about his concept of the Oval Economy.

The Circular Economy optimises the use of global resources and minimises pollution, but the success of the concept depends on how much use is obtained from each product and how rapidly each product is returned for recycling.


Today is the last day of COP26 but I'm not going to talk about that for a change, partly because I have to write this in advance and therefore the conference hasn't closed yet so it's too early for me to be able to comment. You can look forward to that next week. Also next week we will have the Wednesday interview as well as the regular Friday podcast.

The  Wednesday Interview with Veeral Hardev of Ubiquitous Energy

Is the sun shining where you are? Well let’s not waste it! It’s energy, it’s free, it’s clean and it’s renewable. You may be picking some of it up through the solar panels on your roof, but the sun lights up the whole world. Here’s a man to tell you how to make the most of it!


So we’re in the last chance saloon! Who would have thought it? Maybe anybody who has been listening to the Sustainable Futures Report for the last 14 years. But let’s accentuate the positive. 

Hello and welcome. I’m Anthony Day and this is the Sustainable Futures Report for Friday, the 5th of November.

As COP26 swings into action I’m talking to Ian Riley, CEO of the World Cement Association. I recorded this conversation just before the association held its annual conference last month. Recognising that the industry is a major contributor to global emissions, the conference had a clear focus on emissions reduction. Sessions included Key Challenges in Decarbonising Hard to Abate Industry, CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) and the Cement Industry - Where we are and what’s needed for net zero, and presentations on financing the transition and on low carbon concrete. There was an interesting short video from Dr Paula Carey of Carbon8 who explained how carbonation can incorporate emissions into rock and effectively sequester them for all time.

Here’s what I discussed with Ian Riley.


Seeing as COP26 has made the front cover of The Big Issue magazine the message must really be getting through!  The key question is whether the message is getting through to the right people and whether the right people have the power to do what is needed. Prime Minister Johnson is making all the right noises. The trouble is that he's in thrall to right-wingers within his party.

Welcome to another Wednesday Interview from the Sustainable Futures Report. 

There will be another one next Wednesday and the Wednesday after that!

Here’s today’s.

Agriculture is crucial in our campaign against the climate crisis. Without agriculture, of course, we'd all starve, but agriculture is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Over-use of fertilisers is creating nitrate pollution, and agriculture uses vast amounts of water, which is becoming increasingly scarce.

Before looking at prospects for COP26 and other sustainability news, let's remember Sir David Amess MP, who lost his life last week while serving the public.  

Hello and welcome to the Sustainable Futures Report for Friday 22nd October, a week on from a very dark day in Britain. The murder of Sir David Amess MP reveals altruism and dedication as well as the risks that our public servants face in serving the public. RIP. May he rest in peace.



This week, unsurprisingly, there are many articles about the forthcoming COP26 conference in Glasgow.

Welcome to the second weekly interview from the Sustainable Futures Report. We're talking about the search engine that plants trees.


  • My guest this time is Christian Kroll, who is the CEO of Ecosia. It's a sustainable search engine because it plants trees. A search engine which plants trees, tell me more.

 Yes that's right it's the second episode this week. I've started publishing interviews separately so that the episodes don't get too long. In the coming weeks we’ll hear about the sustainable search engine, about using AI to irrigate crops, how members of the World Cement Association aim to cut their carbon footprint and solar energy generated without solar panels. If you become a patron at you’ll never miss an episode and always get them in advance of general release.

 Welcome to this Extra Edition.

I’m frequently approached by companies and organisations who want to be interviewed on the podcast to showcase their sustainability. I turn quite a lot away, but there are still many interesting ones. I’ve decided to publish them separately because otherwise the regular episodes get far too long.

I have several other interviews lined up for most weeks between now and the end of the year. Let me know what you think - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - or put a comment on the Sustainable Futures Report website, or wherever you find this podcast.

We're just 23 days away from COP 26, the United Nations climate conference which will be held in Glasgow from 31st October to 12th November. We’ve just come to the end of the Conservative party conference here in the UK; the party in government. A conference where the Home Secretary promised draconian measures to criminalise protesters, including those who are urging the government to take urgent action to address the climate emergency.

COP26 and Insulate Britain. These are the two key issues I’ll discuss today. I’ll also tell you about plans for extra editions of the Sustainable Futures Report, coming soon.

Yes, October already. I've had a break during September, although I hosted two panel events for York Environment Week during the month. You can find links to the recordings on YouTube below. 

York Environment Week

My first forum was about Sustainability for SMEs,

As XR begins two weeks of protest I report on their progress. I bring you more news and ideas about hydrogen, a new technique for energy storage and details of two panel sessions I’ll be hosting next month.

This is the very last episode for August and indeed the last episode before Friday 1st October.

No, if you’ve ever listened to the Sustainable Futures Report you’ll know that I don’t deny the climate emergency, but there are many who do. 

This week I’m talking about denialists and about those in denial. Also this week, hydrogen - should it be grey, green or blue, or is it a red herring? Should Alok Sharma - president delegate and key driver of COP26 - be driving a diesel car? As Biden and Boris both burnish their green credentials why are they both encouraging the extraction of more oil and coal? We close with an interview with the team at Bucha Bio: young entrepreneurs replacing a traditional material with a sustainable alternative. 

Front Page News

Although Afghanistan has driven the climate emergency and everything else off the front pages, there are still articles and comment about that IPCC report on the inside pages, and denialists to condemn the message. 

On the heels of extreme weather, from Siberia to China, from Canada to California, from Germany to Greece comes the most alarming report yet from the IPCC. It's Friday, the 13th of August 2021. What an auspicious date!


If you follow the Sustainable Futures Report, by now you will have worked your way through all the masses of press coverage

 This is episode number 350 of your Sustainable Futures Report. The main part of today's episode is an interview with Ross O’Ceallaigh of the Green Urbanist podcast.

In other news the Siberian heatwave has led to new methane emissions, foreign control of North Sea oil licences threatens UK’s net zero goal, three and a half average Americans could be causing one death, high speed rail, HS2, may never reach the end of the line and there are new insights from Allegra Stratton, the Prime Minister’s climate crisis spokesperson.

 Yes, those wildfires are still burning, and people are still facing the devastation of the floods in Europe, India and China. Scientists are blamed for not seeing it coming and journalists are being harassed for reporting it. 

There are reports from the OBR, the National Infrastructure Commission, the Climate Crisis Advisory Group, the Met Office and the Climate Change Committee. There’s also a lot of news, comment, questions and promises about COP26. Suddenly, after decades of scientific concern, people seem to be taking the possibility of a climate crisis seriously.

This is an extra edition of the Sustainable Futures Report. I’ve put it together because there’s so much going on. I know your time is precious, so I didn’t want to add this to a regular edition and make it too long. If you want to save time you can skip to the links below to all these stories.

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