Let me start by telling you that the Wednesday Interview next week is a discussion on the future role of electric vehicles. Don’t miss it and do let me know what you think.

That’s about all for this week - yes, really - because in January I am going to concentrate on developing the website, raising the social media profile and developing the deal for patrons. If you are an existing patron your deal will remain the same or better. If you’re not a patron why not join now? The support of my patrons is invaluable and allows me to keep the Sustainable Futures Report independent and ad-free. Go to patreon.com/sfr .

The regular Friday Sustainable Futures Report will resume in February. There are already dozens of stories stacking up for inclusion in the next episode. Some people say to me, “Can you ever find enough?” My problem is actually weeding them all out.

I also have a number of interview requests so the Wednesday Interview looks like continuing well into the future. Of course I'm always open to your ideas and to be honest some of the best ideas come from my patrons.

Enjoy January, watch out for Wednesday Interviews and the full service restarts on 4th February.

I’m Anthony Day.

Until next time.

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