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This is a selection from my 14 years of blogging which has developed into the Sustainable Futures Report, a weekly podcast on the climate crisis and measures to deal with it. Yes, I know that sounds ambitious. What I try to do each week is report on the consequences of the climate crisis and the technical, social and political actions towards getting it under control. I scan the press, the broadcast media and I use Google Alerts to find my stories. Listeners and patrons contact me with information and ideas. I interview experts and sometimes people interview me. I always try to get back to the original source of the story; maybe an academic paper, a new report or a press release, and I publish the links together with the full text of each episode on the website:

Here’s a selection from previous episodes. Most of them are relatively recent, although I started this podcast back in September 2007 - like this: 

First Episode - September 2017

But by 2016 the style had changed a bit 

Review - 23rd December 2016

And here’s one from 2020.

Digging In - 21st February 2020


Here are some of the people I’ve interviewed in the last 12 months:

  • Anthony Davison, CEO of BigBarn about Food
  • Captain Anderson about Carbon Balance
  • Rebecca Henderson about capitalism
  • Michl Binderbauer about nuclear fusion and solar panels on steroids
  • James Dyke of Exeter University
  • Peter Ettinger on Sustainable Waste Management
  • Kevin Wilhelm on Negotiation
  • James Spencer on Oil Markets
  • Professor Julia Steinberger on Climate Justice and Economic Inequality
  • Peter Krull on Sustainable Investment
  • Kathy Hannun on geothermal energy for domestic heating

…and several others.

Before lockdown I could take my recorder out on the street. In March 2019 the school strikes took place across the world.

Last Friday 1.4 million students in 128 countries across the world marched for climate action.

Here’s what I heard at my local protest. 

Vox Pop - 22nd March 2019

Later that year XR protested in Leeds, and after that in London.

Extra - 25th September 2019

Rebel News - 11th October 2019

And so it went on. You get the idea. 

Sometimes people interview me - Mariska Nell - 

And Julia Hartley-Brewer from Talk Radio.Well, you can’t win them all. And finally let me take you back briefly to the very first episode.

Yes, governments are still talking about it, 14 years on.

And that’s it. Your support via Patreon is always welcome because the Sustainable Futures Report gets no advertising, sponsorship or subsidies. Go to

You can find links to the 330+ episodes on this website.

I know the Apple podcasts site says there are 100 episodes, but in fact there are now at least 333. As I said, you can find links, and the latest episodes, on this website. Texts of episodes prior to October 2020 are at .  The audio episodes are at For example the Julia Hartley-Brewer interview clip comes from the episode of 27th September 2019. You’ll hear a lot more if you seek out the original.

Next week I have an interview with Bertrand Piccard, the pilot who flew a solar-powered aircraft around the world. His Solar Impulse Foundation has assembled 1000 solutions to climate problems. Don’t miss it!

I’m Anthony Day.

That was the Sustainable Futures Report for this week.

Until next time.


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